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Private Equity & Business Brokerage

We value true meritocratic capitalist ideals and believe deserving entrepreneurs should have access to the capital they require. As such, we provide seed and early stage capital to businesses that share our values of integrity and vision. Further, we help mature companies reach their growth potential by providing patient capital and partnering with their management teams. Our segments of interest include energy (both alternative and oil & gas) and real estate, but we will consider funding companies that fall under other industry classifications. To apply for funding, submit business plans to

We also make our capital formation and risk management skills available to entrepreneurs such as real estate sponsors by creating and managing private equity funds dedicated to supplying capital to their business with ongoing support, at ultimately no expense to the client. For more information, review our Investment Banking Services summary.

In addition to private equity, Adagio also provides business consulting and brokerage services to a wide range of individuals and organizations. We take a comprehensive approach to meet the most challenging needs of our clients. With a core staff of professionals who have been greatly successful in both domestic and international enterprise, Adagio offers the highest quality serviceā€¦ from business development through operations and capital management. For more information on Adagio's business consulting and brokerage services, email us at

Precious Metal Holdings & Commodities Trading

We make it easy for our clients to conveniently buy, own and securely store precious metals and thereby preserve their purchasing power. Our clients' holdings are stored at VIA MAT International Ltd. and G4S vaults in London, Zurich or Hong Kong in the form of bars that meet the standards of the London Bullion Market Association for gold and silver and the London Platinum and Palladium Market for platinum and palladium. Our clients have the option to take delivery of their precious metals at any time in convenient 100 gram and 1 kg bars with a purity of 99.99%. The refiner Baird & Co. Ltd. in London is responsible for producing the bars. For more information on buying precious metals, email us at

In addition to precious metals, Adagio also seeks opportunities to take advantage of other favorably priced commodities. With the cooperation of our global network of investment banks and energy companies, we are able to facilitate large trades of physical commodities such as crude oil and oil-refined products. Further, we are able to provide various option structures that result in commodity price certainty and capital relief. For more information on our commodities business, email us at


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