“[Most] investors may be quite willing to take the risk of being wrong in the company of others, while being much more reluctant to take the risk of being right alone.
- John Maynard Keynes
Adagio, LLC was founded as a private investment company in 2005 by Managing Director Ben Summers. Adagio's initial focus was investing in the New Urban communities along the Florida Gulf Coast and providing consulting services to the institutional investment community regarding real estate and energy matters. These activities uncovered new opportunities in residential real estate markets leading to Adagio developing its unique asset-based lending program. Adagio now engages in a full complement of investing activities from private fund management to third-party risk analytics and boutique investment banking services.

We focus on identifying and creating market specific profit opportunities – while recognizing that investment gains and losses aren’t realized in a vacuum, free from the effects of global economic turbulence and market irrationality. We also recognize the difficulties inherent in predicting these turbulences or a market’s return to rationality. As a result, we believe successful long-term investing demands proactive management of a portfolio’s risk/reward profile.

As an expression of these core principles, we manage our assets with a unique mandate: to rigorously select micro-level investment opportunities that meet our specific fundamental criteria while managing our exposures to macroeconomic trends. Through effective and efficient communication, planning and management, we strive to deliver risk-adjusted performance that exceeds what’s available through the public capital markets.
“Risk is not a story; it's not a relationship; it's not a feeling. Risk is a number: it's the probability of loss weighted by the potential degree of that loss.”
- Benjamin D. Summers
Third-Party Risk Analytics & Theoretical Track Record Construction
We provide the RIA and independent broker-dealer community comprehensive, quantitative risk measures for private alternative investments. By utilizing performance data encompassing a minimum of one complete market cycle, we are able to meaningfully capture market, idiosyncratic and tail risk. For newer sponsors, we are further able to construct theoretical track records that ecompasses a complete market cycle by rigorously accounting for every measurable variable that contributes to their overall performance.
Private Structured Products
We’re in the business of serving Registered Investment Advisers ("RIA"s) and other intermediaries by creating financial products that meet performance and liquidity needs unavailable through the public capital markets. We are able to accomplish this by advising and securitizing best-in-class private alternative asset managers who are able to capture arbitrage opportunities available through inefficient, fragmented markets. This effort requires two-way communication: you tell us what you and your clients need, and we’ll do our best to construct it.
Investment Banking for Alternative Investment Managers
We specialize in working with emerging best-in-class asset managers (e.g. real estate operators, hedge fund managers, etc.) to maximize their risk-adjusted performance (as measured across a minimum of one complete market cycle) and fully access the capital markets. The result for our clients is access to unlimited full stack debt and/or equity capital on their terms through a dedicated fund. All advisory, securitization and distribution fees and expenses are reimbursed to you upon sufficient capitalization and performance of the fund, resulting in our services becoming ultimately free.
Precious Metal Holdings
We make it easy for our clients to conveniently buy, own and securely store precious metals and thereby preserve their purchasing power. Our clients' holdings are stored at VIA MAT International Ltd. and G4S vaults in London, Zurich or Hong Kong in the form of bars that meet the standards of the London Bullion Market Association for gold and silver and the London Platinum and Palladium Market for platinum and palladium. Our clients have the option to take delivery of their precious metals at any time in convenient 100 gram and 1 kg bars with a purity of 99.99%. The refiner Baird & Co. Ltd. in London is responsible for producing the bars.
Educational Programs through Adagio Institute, Inc.
Adagio Institute is a 501(c)(3) public charity organized for the purpose of promoting financial education. We develop programs for financial professionals, real estate investors and the public at-large. Our mission is to promote broad adoption of meaningful risk-adjusted investment analysis, to democratize access to exclusive investment performance (e.g. top performing hedge funds, private equity, etc.) through education and services (e.g. third-party risk analytics, investment clubs, etc.), and to help deserving private alternative asset managers (e.g. real estate operators, hedge fund managers, etc.) access the capital markets.
“How much you truly 'believe' in something can be manifested only through what you are willing to risk for it.” 
- Nassim N. Taleb
Benjamin D. Summers
Managing Director & Founder
Ben is the founder and managing director of Adagio Group. He has led Adagio from a single entity real estate investment company in 2005 to become an innovative financial institution providing fund management and boutique investment banking services through its discrete operating structures. Ben has extensive knowledge in quantitative finance, the application of risk engineering principles to residential assets, and private securities transactions. He also has substantial senior management experience within the global energy services sector.

Ben’s transition into energy and finance was preceded by a professional baseball career that began with the San Diego Padres organization. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in physics having studied music as a second discipline. Ben currently holds the FINRA Series 65 and Florida Real Estate Licenses.
Jose "Joe" Maymo
Executive Director, Business Development - Analytics
As executive of business development for Adagio's analytics services, Joe is responsible for liaising with the RIA and broker-dealer community to incorporate Adagio's risk measurement tools into their due diligence process for private alternative assets.

Before joining Adagio, Joe served as Regional Vice President at firms such as Nationwide and Transamerica Financial. His 19 year career as a financial services professional includes the wholesaling of variable annuities and mutual funds to the independent broker dealer channel along with six plus years of wholesaling public non-traded REITS and Regulation D offerings. He prides himself in using a consultative approach to help financial professionals find the best solutions for their clients. Joe graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and he also holds the FINRA Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses.
Patrick M. Duffy
Managing Partner - Asset Management
As managing partner of business development, Patrick is responsible for sourcing best-in-class alternative asset managers and preparing them for integration into Adagio's platform. He continues oversight of several multifamily holdings throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Patrick has been a successful multifamily syndicator as the Managing Member of Nighthawk Holdings, LLC. Prior to Nighthawk, he held capital markets roles at Opus Bank, 5 Arches, LLC and HMC Assets, LLC. Patrick graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in English.
Michael T. Bruni, CFA, CFP
Executive Director - Financial Education
As executive director of education, Michael is responsible for developing and delivering comprehensive education-based solutions to financial advisors and retail investors. Michael has over 15 years of successful experience within the financial services industry.

Before joining Adagio, Michael served as Manager of Global Research and Analytics for Franklin Templeton and as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch. He graduated from The State University of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Buffalo State College with a Master of Science in Adult Education. Michael holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ("CFA") and Certified Financial Planner ("CFP") designations.
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 
- Confucius
Key Accounts Manager
Level: Senior Manager
Category: Financial Services
Location: TBD

We are seeking a highly motivated Key Accounts Executive with a proven track record of generating new relationships with Independent Broker-Dealers that result in selling agreements nationwide.

For serious consideration, candidates must have experience successfully obtaining selling agreements for sponsors of alternative investment products.

  •  Establish relationships with independent broker-dealers to distribute Adagio's investment products.
  •  Identify and capture business development opportunities for Adagio’s products.
  •  Educate broker-dealer firms on quantitative risk analysis and synthetic positions and present alternative investment product offerings.
  •  Develop and execute a strategic plan to obtain selling agreements with due diligence officers of broker dealers.
  •  Analyze competitive data and position our products to win selling agreements.
  •  10+ years financial product wholesale industry experience
  •  Relationships with broker-dealers and other relevant financial investment entities
  •  Proven strategic business development, negotiating and managerial experience
  •  Highly refined presentation and public speaking abilities
  •  Thorough understanding of quantitative risk analysis, structured products and synthetic positions
  •  Results oriented and creative problem solving ability
  •  FINRA Series 7 & 66 or Series 65 License
  •  MBA, MiF or CFA
External  Wholesaler
Level: Senior Manager
Category: Financial Services
Location: TBD

We are seeking an experienced alternative financial products sales professional to be responsible for the distribution of our private securities offerings through the development of broker-dealer and Registered Investment Adviser ("RIA") channels. Investment banking, private equity or hedge fund experience preferred.

  • Attract, retain and support independent broker-dealers and RIAs as distribution channels for private securities issues
  • Liaise with distribution channels to guide their understanding of current risk, return & liquidity appetites
  •  Educate representatives on quantitative risk analysis and synthetic positions
  • Adhere to communications best practice and disclosure requirements
  •  Established network of independent broker-dealers and RIAs that trade/recommend alternatives
  •  Understanding of quantitative risk analysis, structured products and synthetic positions
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •  Fortitude to alter cultural inertia with merit
  •  Creative problem solving ability
  •  Results oriented
  •  FINRA Series 7 & 66 or Series 65 License
  •  MBA, MiF or CFA
It is the policy of Adagio, LLC to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, disability, marital and civil partnership/union status, pregnancy (including unlawful discrimination on the basis of a legally protected pregnancy/maternity leave), veteran status, genetic information or any other legally protected characteristic.
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 
- Benjamin Franklin
We are always seeking creative solutions to effectively meet the demands of important, challenging problems. One of the most important challenges we tackle is filling holes in the capital markets with assets possessing better risk-adjusted performance than what is otherwise available. Adagio's investors range from high net worth individuals to other financial firms with a diverse array of objectives. We pride ourselves on our commitment to open communication with investors and a consistent and high level of transparency regarding our allocations. By fostering an ongoing dialogue and applying our unmatched risk engineering expertise, we are able to structure appropriate vehicles to meet these goals.
Tailored Structured Products for Financial Advisors
February 2018
Most financial advisors adhere to a very traditional asset allocation model built entirely upon public securities. Outside of the fact that a set of relatively vague, qualitative criteria govern the literal value of their clients’ life work, the substance upon which those models are predicated is a set of assets completely dependent upon schizophrenic secondary markets...
Investment Banking for Private Real Estate Operators
June 2017
Investment banks are intermediaries that, amongst many other functions, help typically large companies raise capital by advising on and underwriting new securities issues. To prepare for a new issue of securities, investment banks first advise their clients on considerations such as capital structure (how much debt vs. equity should be issued; what types of equity and debt should be issued, etc.), the strategic use of other financial instruments (such as warrants), and...
Investment Clubs: Gain the Exclusive Access of the Top 1%
May 2017
There is a little-known solution that can afford non-accredited investors the opportunity to participate in the exclusive securities offerings of hedge funds and invest like the top one percent: the investment club. An investment club is a business entity structured as either a general partnership or LLC in which all members (owners) are also managers who participate by vote in determining the investment decisions of the club; because all owners actively participate...
Constructing Alpha: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Risk
April 2017
Every investor — from the guy who bets on physical currency by hiding it under his mattress to Ray Dalio — is concerned with risk. Somewhat surprisingly, despite the fact that the vast majority of people are risk averse, very few have any idea what risk actually means or how to measure it… this group includes many, if not most, financial professionals. Ironically, despite retail investors’ often stated aversion to risk, they tend to solely focus on the projected return...
From Wall Street to Main Street
July 2016
Most real estate investors face the nearly impossible task of competing for the few quality deals in their market against tens, if not hundreds, of deep-pocketed, well-connected and established investors already there. To survive, new and undercapitalized investors are forced to work many fruitless hours blindly mailing, calling, driving and knocking on random doors to find whatever scraps may be left over. After all this effort, in the rare instance a good deal is finally secured...
Introduction to Options in Real Estate
January 2015
One of most prolific and powerful tools of “creative” finance in real estate is the lease-option, but this tool represents only the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the most powerful breed of derivatives in the investing world, options. There are two basic types of options: the call option (or “call”) and the put option (or “put”). A call is what is utilized in the traditional lease-option; the put, on the other hand, is virtually unheard of in the world or real estate. An option...
Determining Equilibrium Value for Residential Real Estate
March 2013
One of the most pervasive challenges facing the residential real estate market is the determination of property values. As a result of TARP and other federal subsidies to institutional mortgage lenders, in addition to administrative incompetence, the foreclosure pipeline has been clogged. The expected glut of inventory resulting from the mortgage and financial crisis has yet to materialize, and correspondingly, prices have been lifted by artificially limited supply...
Deciphering Monetary Policy as a Means to Beat the Market
October 2012
Monetary policy and its effect on the markets can often seem as an impossibly complex, if not opaque dynamic. The market obviously responds, and most often in a seemingly positive manner, to the actions taken by the Federal Reserve System and statements by its chairman, Ben Bernanke… but how and why, and what are the less obvious effects of a centralized monetary system...
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